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This 300 page site is a platform for Beyond Benign, an education non-profit, to provide resources, tools and training for integrating Green Chemistry in K-12 and Higher Ed education. The site includes:

  • Over 2oo downloadable lessons for educators on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Science
  • An archive of webinars
  • A event calendar for upcoming conferences, training workshops and online courses
  • A lead teacher resource database
  • Over 80 pages of content

Beyond Benign’s previous site was very difficult to navigate and to add or revise content. We created a clear information architecture that makes it easy for their various audiences to find what they are looking for. We used enhanced menus, color coding and a well thought out sitemap to accomplish this objective. Updating the various content areas of the site, whether it is new lessons, new lead teachers, webinars or calendar events is now very simple. Content can be entered in a single place in custom forms, and the data is automatically formatted and populated on the site.

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